Geography GCSE inside the earth

easy reading geography cards covering the layers and structure of the earth, earthquakes, and volcanoes (:

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Plate Boundaries!

Destructive: oceanic crust is pushed under the continental crust, causes severe earthquakes! 

Collision margins: Two plates (both continental crust) move together,this can form mountains!

Constructive: two plates move apart,magma can rise from the cracks! 

Conservative: two plates slide past each other,pressure builds up & when it's released it creates an earthquake!

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Convection Current!

1) Earths core is very hot!

2) Lower mantle is heated, becomes less dense and rises!

3) Rising mantle reaches underneath of the crust!

4) Mantle spread out under the crust!

5) Plates floating on mantle are moved around!

6) Cooler, denser mantle sinks!

7) Movement of mantle makes a convection current!

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Classify Volcanoes!

1) Active Volcanoes- has erupted recently (200 years) and is likely to erupt again!

2) Dormat Volcanoes- has erupted in historic times (2000 years)!

3) Extinct Volcanoes- has not erupted in historic times (2000 years) and will NOT erupt again!

 Shield Volcanoes-  They have gently sloping sides and are formed from basic lava!

Composite Volcanoes- They have steeper sides, have formed form acidic lava with layers of ash and lava 

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