Geography DME Exam Key words

A Glossary of Key Words for the DME Olympics exam paper.

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Housing and Local Areas

Social Housing = Housing that is let at low rents to low income people, usually provided by the council or Housing Associations that do not make a profit from the rents.

High Rise Blocks = Several Storey Flates - build in high population density areas as they have a small base footprint.

Housing Associations = A non-profit organisation that owns and lets or rents housing to those who need it (generally the lower income groups).

Travellers = An ethnic group of people who do not have a fixed address and move from place to place.

Densely Populated = An area of land that is crowded or closely compacted.

Connected = Joined through the use of transportation and/or communications.

Relocated = To move or establish a new place

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Sustainable Games

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The 2012 Olympics needs to meet the needs to the athletes, local economies visitors and environment for the duration of the games and have use for future generations.

The Games have set themselves to aims of sustainability;

  • Use of adapt existing facilites
  • Constructed on Brownfield sites
  • Protect native vegetation and fauna
  • Effective transport system, making all areas accessible
  • Minimise waste and encourage recycling
  • Minimise energy use, using renewable sources of energy
  • Minimise water consumption, using recycled water for irrigation
  • Minimise pollution and cleaning up polluted land
  • Create afforable housing
  • Benefit people from all communities
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Affordable Housing

Includes social and rented housing provided to certain households (with a low income) whose needs are not met by the market (may not be able to afford a mortgage). One of the aims of sustainability.

Residents of Clays Lane, were forced out of their homes in order for the olympics to be constructed. Should they be allowed priority of these affordable houses?

In previous olympics, they had also planned to have cheap and affordable housing available. However the cost of the Olympics was greater than anticipated and these houses had to be sold privately at higher prices, in order to pay back some of the money. Can we be certain that this will not happen in London?

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Environmentally Friendly Materials

This would include buildings and materials that do not cause harm to the environment. For example, they do not contain toxins (psint), have a low carbon footprint (concrete), sustainable wood and so on.

They tried to build the olympic stdium out of Eco-Friendly Materials, this is so their carbon-footprint will be reduced overall.

A new energy centre has been built, to provide efficient low-carbon power and heat using new technologies (e.g. biomass boilers)

A Combined Cooling Heat and POwer plant will re-use heat generated during electricity production.

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Brownfield Site

A piece of land that has been used and abandoned and is now awaiting a new use (ready for re-development).

The grounds for the Olympic park was previously a Brownfield site in London. De-contamination of the grounds had to occur, due to toxic waste from previous industrial sites. After cleaning the soil and land, it was then ready for re-development.

Building on Brownfield sites can help to reduce derelcition and creates more green spaces (a better visual appearance) for those living in the local area. Good tranport links are already in place (such as rail lines or canal access) due to having had building there before.

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Vegetation and Fauna

Plants and animals. The use of native species, helps to blend in with the local environment and provides natural habitats for animals and insects.

With the creation of the olympics, a habitat plan was developed to conserve and protect many animals and plants, then after construction, to encourage them back into the area.

  • Over 40,000 trees and 400,000 other plants were introduced.
  • 45 hectares of wildlife habitat.
  • Rare species of newt and lixards introduced.
  • 'Soil Hospital' created to de-contaminate polluted soil, so it can be re-used.
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Ethnic Minorities/Diversity

Ethnic Minorities = A group of people that has different national or cultural traditions from the majority of the population.

Ethnic Diversity = Multicultural society - an area that has a variety of cultural influences and populations.

The London Olympics, is aimed to benefit all people within society, including ethnic minorities. By hosting the olympics in Newham, they have fulfilled this criteria. This is because Newham is one of the UK's most ethnically diverse areas.

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Deprived Areas

Area that is lacking in social and economic necessities - such as poor health and health care services, high unempployment, lack of housing and educational services.

Newham is one of the most deprived area of London, and of Englans and Wales as a whole. This could be due to such low employment rates in Skilled jobs. The four main categories used to compile this multiple deprivation index are;

  • Number of people claiming benefits
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Income
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