Geography- development polices in the EU

Descriptions of the four main policies designed to reduce economic inequalities in the EU

Common Agricultural Policy

  • aims to protect farmers from a changing economic climate
  • offers a minimum price for produce
  • ensures a fair price is paid for produce
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Urban 2 fund

  • reduce social problems in urban areas of the EU
  • Example- bristol oppertunites of 10-30 year olds

                       - providing training oppertunites

                       - helping young people get basic IT skills

                       - imporving green spaces

                       -providing drug/alcohol awareness courses

                       -youth offender rehab programmes

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European investment bank

  • Provides large loans for development projects across EU that promote development in areas effected by inequalities
  • Example- borders railway project

                       - £100 million to develop railway in Scottish borders to stimulate economic growth.

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Structural funds

  • money spent on range of areas that are most at need (areas with a GDP below 75% of the EU average)
  • different funds avalible for social development projects, infrasturcture, creation of jobs
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