Geography: Demographic Transition Model

Geography revision cards on the DTM

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The DTM : Stage 1

Characteristics of stage 1 of the DTM:

  • Small amounts of people live serarately with hardly any contact with the outside world.
  • They have high birth rates due to a lack of contraception.
  • They have high death rates due to lack of healthcare.

e.g. Tribes in parts of Indonesia, Brazil and Ecuador.

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The DTM : Stage 2

Characteristics of stage 2 of the DTM:

  • The death rate has lowered due to an increase in quality of healthcare.
  • The birth rate remains high.

e.g. Afghanistan

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The DTM : Stage 3

Characteristics of stage 3 of the DTM:

  • The birth rate drops rapidly.
  • The death rate continues to decrease but not as quickly as in stage 2.

e.g. Kenya

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The DTM : Stage 4

Characteristics of stage 4 of the DTM:

  • There is a low birth rate as healthcare has improved rapidly.
  • The birth rate tends to fluctuate depending on the economic situation.

e.g. France

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The DTM : Stage 5

Characteristics of stage 5 of the DTM:

  • The birth rate is very low and goes below the death rate.
  • More people are dying than being born so the population decreases.
  • The death rate has increased slightly because of an ageing population.

e.g. Germany

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