Geography - Changing Urban environment

Urban environmets

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reducing pollution

reducing pollution in urban area's

  • inprove public transport so more people go on it
  • congestion charges so less people go into the city centre and example is london
  • park and ride. park away from the city centre and get a bus into centre
  • intergrated transport sytem. this is when each type of transport is linked with each other. this happens in berlin and paris

all these help reduce pollution in a city centre and help the environment

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Inproving city centre's

gentrification - the inprovment and redevelopment  of a cirtain area of a city that are decaying and the movement of wealthier people back into the city centre

the building of new modern apartments brings in a new generation of property owners

building new restaurants, clubs and pubs encourages younger people to live there

it brings in money for the city, inproves the environment and helps create jobs in the pubs ect


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sustainable cities

these are cities that help the environment

  • public transport seen as a viable alternative to cars and is safe and clean
  • areas of green space
  • possible use of renewable resources
  • new homes are energy efficient
  • walking and cycling is safe
  • waste management
  • community links are strong

an example of a sustainable settlement is the Findhorn Foundation. it is an eco friendly settlement.

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this is when people move from the cities to the countryside for an easier, more relaxed way of life.

people move the country to be closer to family and friends and closer to work. people that move are usually in the age range of 30 - 40 and are fed up of city life

it can cause overcrowding in the countryside and pollution because of the amount of cars that are there. 

problem is that the more people want to move to the country the more housing has to be provided causing the scenary and environment to be ruined

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