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Housing in an urban area-Nottingham

Hosuing types(tenure,constraints,opportunities):

Young professonals in Lace Market, been developed so attracts young people, rented form private land lords or bought form lending schemes, very exspensive, excludes OAP's+working class, it's close CBD:good for jobs and entertainment. 

Working class and ethnic minorities in The Meadows, old inner city with cheap terrace housing from the 19th century when workers lived to close to their jobs, rented from social hosuing or private land lords,can be old, poor quality, close to centre and bus routes.

Middle Class in West Bridgeford(outer suburbs)detached, built in the 1960's, for residents looking for a quiet area and low crime rate,near greenbelt,rented from private land lord or owner occupied, expensive for working class,nice envirnment to bring up children.

Young families and first time buyers in Gamstom, Radcliffe and Bingham, newer, smaller houses built on greenfields sites, transport links, affordable,local authortiy housing, owner occupied, private landlord, you will have to drive or use public transport to get to the CBD, pleasent envirnment and low crime rate.

Higher quality of life in the suburbs. 

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Retail Service Provision-Shrewsbury-In Shropshire

How are services distributed in an urban area? The larger retail parks like Meole Brace and the Sundrome are based in the suburbs of Shrewsbury, shopping centres and malls like Pride Hill and Darwin are in the City Centre

Planners are helping to support smaller independent reatiler shops and the larger stores that want to stay in the City Centre.

All the little shops is a inative set up that supports these kind of businesses. 

It helps reatilers set up a webpage and display up to 30 product for free, it allows independent businesses on the high street to trade on a more level playing field with The Multiples and allows small businesses to market themsleves under a credible brand. 

What have the planners also done?

  • Improved town centre signage, improved parking provision, more public toilets, an increase in Sunday trading opportunities
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Access to Services-Barcelona

Location:at the Mediterranean sea in the very north of the Spanish coast

Population- 1.5 million 

Barcelona has a diverse population, people from Pakistan, China, Morocco, ethnic groups concentrate in inner urban districts of the city. 

District of El Ravel, Ciutat Vella(old city)- 27.6% of population is foreign imagrants, 10/16 mosques,halal butchers, internet or telephone conncetions to the whole world, video stores with Asian films. 40% of population=Muslim, cheapest district to live, mostly apartment housing, low standards of living and quality of life due to low life expectancy(73), people suffering from TB AIDS and Malaira.

District of Sarria-Sant Gervasi(western suburbs)-Imagrant population of 11%,highest standards of living in the city, 4x as many badminton courts, life expectancy is 80, 36.7% with higher qualifications, house prices are amongst the highest, work is better paid. 

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Rural to Urban Migration-Limpopo to Johannesburg

Limpopo and Johannesburg is located in South Africa, both land locked countries. 

Gauteng is the most urban province in South Africa contains 3 main cities, Johannesburg, Soweto,Pretoria, 20% of population below poverty line. 500,000 students have no schooling, 77.6% have an electric cooker 

Limpopo is the largest city in the province, kost people rely on farming and tourism for an income, 60% live below the poverty line, 800,000 students who live in Limpopo have no schooling. 

Brain Drain effects Limpopo because the skilled people move to Gauteng for better work

Remittance has a positive effect on Limpopo becasue money is sent back to Limpopo, as well as new skills and technology so this will support small businesses.

Circular Migration: Positives: earn money to send home,invest in rural farm,helpful in Limpopo's dry season, reduce the demand of food and water in village....Negatives:increase in AIDS and other STD, infect rural population who have less access to medics, 3x more likely to get HIV than non-migrants.

Why migrate?Better opportunities,better healthcare,jobs, schools

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A Planning Issue in a Residential Area-Suffolk

Suffolk is located on the South East coast of the U.K

What? 500,000 homes need to be built by 2021, 58,000 of these are going to be built in Suffolk and 10,000 in Suffolk Coastal District. 

Views of Stakeholders-NIMBY

Councillor:Build on recreational land, parks for young children, floodlit football pitches for teenagers  Business owner haulier:Need to build road ways with toilets,light refreshment facillities+lorry park  Elderly lady:Doesnt want to change the character of the village                                                    Environmentalist: Build houses on brownfield sites, not greenfield 

Plan:To build 1620 dwellings on the Colnes Penisular from Trimley to Felixstowe,1/3 of housing will be affordable.......SAVE FELIXSTOWE COUNTRYSIDE:                                                        No need for additional housing, the landscape makes the town special,it's an attraction for walkers, cyclists and bird watching

STAG: Will lose village lifestyle, reduce property values, increase traffic congestion, there wont be enough local services, 

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Leisure use of a rural area that cause conflict-La

Located in the North West of England on the Britsh coastline, South of Scotland 

What leisure activities is the Lake District being used for? Outdoor activities, educational trips, visit honey pot villages, sightseeing. 

What are other rural areas being used for? Landfill, wind farms, second home ownership 

Conflicts that arise when visiting the Lake District: 

Congestions in roads from farmers, tourists and residents, walkers leaving gates open so sheep escape, litter, landfill, wind farm(noise and sight pollution affecting quality of life), second home ownership. 

How is the Lake District managed sustainably? 

It's a national park so is protected from development by building laws,litter bins are provided, large car parks are built with toilets to decrease congestion, signs to educate tourists about areas importance, encouragement for the use of public transport

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