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Ocr typical casestudies for gcse geography

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Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch

Category 5

Affected Honduras and Nicaragua the worst as they were the poorest areas

11,000 people died
3 million made homeless

30% of crops destroyed

People lived in vulnerable areas and government could not afford to warn people of hurricanes
Over 40 countries gave aid

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Hurricane katrina

Hurricane katrina

Cost 75 billion dollars

Costliest hurricane on record

Formed on water 175 mph

Stations and power lost

1200 deaths

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Earthquake Sichuan , china

Sichuan china


15 million people lived in the area

80,000 - 87,000 people died

7.9 on th richter scale

Lasted only 4 minutes

Fewer than 60 out of 900 children survived when a school building fell


Not well organised emergency teams owned didn't build schools to strict requirements they should of

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Earthquake two


San Francisco, California


5 million people lived in the affected area

6.9 on the richter scale

63 people died

Less deaths and injuries as happened on a bank holiday morning

Damage to infrastructure

Warning sirens

Prepared !!!!!!!!!!!

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Chinas one child policy

Set up in 1970s after dictator died

Says that only one child can be born to every family

Have to plan family

More educated on contraceptives and girls can have a career

Benefits given

People stick to the law due to strict government, benefits and had seen the lack of resources years before hand when faced starvation

Is working

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Move shopping centre out of the CBD

However stil have to go into town to get supplies etc.

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Traffic management


Build up of traffic in the capital so...

Bus lanes only

Tax on car plates

No lorries allowed in the centre during rush hour

Congestion charges

Cycling promoted

Less or more expensive car parking spaces

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Ageing population


By 2041 25 % of the population could be over 65

Living longer because of advances in medicine And improved living standards

Pensioner boom due to the baby boom in the 1940s

Fewer young people

This causes problems such as more elderly people living in poverty and pensions are low

Also the working population has to work longer to pay for the ageing population

Plus the Health service is under Pressure

The uk therefore has tried to encourage women to have children and encourage immigration of young people to the uk

Strategies such as raising the retirement age and encouraging private pensions are to be put in place

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