geography (BOLTSS)

this a brief overview of geography including BOLTSS

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B: Border defines the map

O: Orientation: shows direction of north

L: legend: key symbols and explanation

T: title: where or what the  maps about

S: scale: words,figures or lines to show size

S: date and where information is from

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about BOLTSS

BOLTSS is the most important part of creating a map. if you want to get an A+ every time you need to create a map for geography follow BOLTSS.

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what is geography ?

geography is the study of people and places and how they interact,or affect each other .we are concerned to find out how people affect and change environments , and also how natural activities and events of the environment affect people.

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two types of geography

there are TWO TYPES of geography:

Physical geography (natural) eg the twelve apostles

human geography (man made) eg city or country

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what is a map?

a map is a birds eye view of an area with places,roads and landforms

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there are different forms of scales

words: eg one centimeter = one kilometer

representive fraction: 1:100000

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green: vegetation

brown: landforms

blue: water

red/pink: built up areas

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tips on drawing maps

1) draw map using pencil then go over with fineliner

2) ALWAYS use a ruler

3) use colour

4) use BOLTSS

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