Geography AQA, Water on the Land

Geography AQA, Water on the Land revision

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Caused by fine material rubbing against the river bank like sand paper

Hydraulic Action

When the force of the water hits the river bank and causes it to collaspe


When acids in the water break down (corrode) rocks in the water


Large rocks and boulders are rolled along the bed of a river

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When smaller rocks are bounced along the river bed - like leapfrog


Small rocks are light enough to be carried by the river flow

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When the rock or soil is full of moisture

Water Table

The level when saturation occurs


When the ground soaks up the water into the soil


Water vapour realeased by trees and plants

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Surface Storage

When water collects on land - e.g in lakes and puddles


Water moving downwards into the soil through to the rocks below


Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow


Water stored in porus rocks deep below the ground

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Approach Segment (Flood Hydrograph)

Shows the river discharge before it rains

Falling Limb (Flood Hydrograph)

Shows a slow decrease in rainwater reaching the river

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Water Supply - Management Options

Long Distance Transfer - Moving water over long distances from one place to another

Inter Basin Transfer - Moving water across the watershed from one basin to another

Surface Water Storage - Building new resevoirs

Densalinisation - Extracting water from underground sources from boreholes

Groundwater Supplies - Extracting water from underground sources

Artificial Aquifers - Pumping water into underground rock for later use

Effluent Re-Use - Re-Cycling water after it has been treaed in sewage works by returning it to rivers

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Water Supply - Demand Management Options

Metering and Pricing - Charging customers for the amount of water they actually use

Leakage - Repairing leaks to reduce demand on treatment works

Publicity and education - Let people know about probalems so they change their attitudes and behaviour

Innovations - Making water efficient products so there is less wasted

Legislation - Introducing new bylaws for people to use water efficient things

Restrictions - Putting restrictions on how much water can be used

'Grey' Water Re-Use - Re-Cycling water which has been used once in the home for other purposes, e.g watering plants

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