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Weather and Climate

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What would these things be recorded in for a Weath

1) Rain

2) Wind

3) How hot/cold it is

4) Cloud

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What would these things be recorded in for a Weath

1) Rain- How much rain there is

2) Wind- Speed in mph

3) How hot/cold it is- Temperature (Degrees C)

4) Cloud- Height and cover

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Key words

What do these words mean:

1) Precipitation

2) Air pressure

3) Barometer

4) Anenometer

5) Weather Vane

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Key words

1) Precipitation is the ways water falls- snow/sleet/rain

2) The weight of the air pressing down on the Earths surface

3) Measures atmospheric pressure

4) Records speed/direction of wind

5) Measures direction of wind

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Stevenson's Screen

What are the advantages of a Stevenson's Screen?

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Stevenson's Screen

A) White reflects hear

B) No heat from the ground

C) Tarmac gets hot

D) Accurate

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How wide is the bottom of the funnel? What does the funnel do?

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It is 5 inches across and stops splashing by having a funnel.

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What are the three types of rainfall?

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Frontal Rain

Convectional Rain

Relief Rain

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High pressure

High pressure causes Anticyclone weather- what type of weather is this?

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High pressure

Hot days

Cold nights




Hard to cool down


Sunburnt people

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Low pressure

Low pressure causes Depression weather- what type of weather is this?

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Low pressure

Day cold

Night cold





Pipes burst

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