Geography - Ageing Population

Contains the impacts of an ageing population and the strategies to manage it -- so much fun :l

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What? & Why?

An ageing population is where the birth rates are lower than the death rates.

  • Meaning there are more elderly people than the young around
  • Stage 5 in the Demographic Transition Model

An ageing population occurs because :

1. People are living older now

2. People have less time for children because they are looking after their older relatives

3. Women have a better position economically so they are now working etc. Meaning that they have less time for kids

4. Contraception is used more than it used to be

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An ageing population, effects everyone in society, especially the working lot


  • Taxes have to be raised as there are more pensions to be paid off
  • Less money is spent on the economy, more spent on retirement


  • People need to look after their older relatives, resulting in them having less free time
  • Fewer kids in famillies, as they have no time for them
  • People have to retire later to get by on State Pension
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Managing an ageing population

Countries who suffer from an ageing population have come up with varies schemes to overcome it


  • Encourage big famillies through money awards etc.
  • Encourage immigration of young people
  • Raising retirement age
  • Raising taxes
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