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August 2003, European Heatwave

  • One of the hottest Summer's on record
  • Record temperature in UK, recorded at Faversham, Kent at 38.5 degrees centigrade.
  • Over 37,451 Europeans died.
  • France was badly affected, especially the elderly when air conditioning failed
  • Crops were affected badly in Southern Europe. Most commonly wheat and grapes
  • Broke all records for heat related deaths

Eastern Africa Drought, 2000

  • Ethiopia majorly affected.
  • 8 million people in Ethiopia affected
  • Ogaden region of Ethiopia is where 1.3 million people have been affected
  • Lack of rain for consecutive seasons led to 95% of livestock dying
  • Aid arrived too slowly because of poor infrastructure
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2000 Mozambique Floods

  • Caused by heavy rainfall over five weeks
  • Killed 800 people
  • 20,000 heards of cattle were lost to the floods
  • Tropical cyclone Eline contributed to the heavy rainfall
  • 1400 square km of arable land was affected
  • 45,000 people were affected

Cumbrian Floods 2009

  • 18th November county warned of heavy rainfall
  • Areas of Keswick and Appleby warned of being the worst affected
  • 200mm of rain predicted in some areas and dozens of people forced to leave their homes
  • Water level in Cockermouth was 8.2ft
  • 314 mm fell in 24 hours a record for the UK
  • 200 people rescued, one death that of a police office and 16 bridges and 25 roads shut. Development of tempoary railway station and footbridge
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