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Ring of fire

  • 90% of all earthquakes take place here
  • 3/4 of volcanoes situated here
  • Over 200 years, 1 million lives have been lost due to hazards in the ring of fire
  • Krakatoa, 1883, Indonesia
  • Pinatubo, 1991, Phillippines
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El Nino and La Nina

El Nino:

  • Occurs every 3-7 years in the pacific ocean
  • Warm water sloshes eastwards to Peru and cold water is surpressed to Australia
  • Australia- suffers droughts and wildfires, High air pressure
  • Peru- suffers floods and storms, Low air pressure

La Nina:

  • Goes back to a normal year but more intense
  • Australia- Warm water, suffers floods, Low air pressure
  • Peru- Cold water, suffers droughts, High air pressure
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