Continents are large exspences of land that are split into countries for example Europe is a continent that is split into france, germany, italy, sweden, england and a small part of russia.


Continents, oceans and seas

Continents-  Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, Austrilasia. These are the main continents of our world.

Oceans- Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Southern. 

Seas- Caribean, Baltic, Meditareanin, Red, Black, English channel, Casbean, Aral, Sea of Japan, Bay of Bengol, South China, Persuin Gulf, Mexican gulf, Coral.

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Countries and cities

Countries- Asia: Russia, China, Japan, Oman, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

Europe: France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Ukrain, Northern Ireland, Wales, Italy, England, Spain, Greece, Croatia.

Americas: Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venzuela, Grenada.

Africa: Sudan, Madagascar, Nigera, Egypt, Morocco, Chad, Mozambique.

Austrilasia: Papua New Guinea, Australia, Newzeland, Singapore, Indonesa.

Cities- Asia: Bejing, Tehran, Hong kong, Bangkok, Damascus, Moscow, New Delih, Kathmandu

Africa: Cairo, Mogadishu, Johannesburg, Accra, Nairobi, Antananarivo

Americas: Washington D.C, Boston, Braslia, Lima, Quito, Panama City, Buenos Aires, Kingston

Europe: Edinburgh, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, London, Paris, Dublin, Vienna

Austilasia: Sydney, Christchurch, Jakarta, Yangon, Singapore, Port Moresby

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