The process of middle/upper class people moving into working-class urban suburbs causing an increase in property values.This trend leads t the displacement of existing residents who can not afford to live there anymore.Gentrification changes the social character of  a suburb.

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Ponsonby and Freeman Bay - Mid 20th Century

Many House were rundown and slumlike the council started turning some of this area into industry e.g Nelson Street, Victoria Street, Halsey Street. Landlords refused to do any work on their properties as some had been marked by the council for demolition. In central Auckland gentrification meant that multicultural families elderly people beneficiaries and solo parent families moved away and became more populated with young pakeha professionals.By 2001 the Maori and Pacific Island population of Freeman's Bay had dropped to 16%(yet 22%of Aucklanders were Maori or Pacific Islander.

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*is the third largest city in USA with a population of around 2.7 million people.

*Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan

*The Chicago river runs through the CBD and suburbs of Chicago.

*Chicago is a major hub for industry telecommunications and infrasture with O'Hare International Airport being the second busiest airport in the World.

*Around 45 milion tourist (domestic and international)visit chicago each year.

*The Chicago area has the 4th largest Gross Domestic Product(GBD) in the world in terms of metropolitan areas.

*Chicago is an ethnically diverse city.

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