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predicting a volcano

how do you predict a volcano?

  • bubbling
  • change in water temp
  • animals react
  • satalites are used
  • measuring gas
  • vibration of the ground or water
  • collecting lava
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types of volcanoes

strato - volcano

  • very destructive
  • found on a destructive boundry
  • unpredictive
  • pointed cone
  • thick slow running lava
  • these are the volcanoes where pyrolastic flows happen
  • lava and ash join together making the pointed cone of the volcano
  • very explosive
  • shield volcano
  • runny lava
  • predictive
  • found on a constructive boundry
  • cone is mainly made out of lava
  • very flat
  • not very explosive or destructive
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responses after an eruption

examples of responses after an eruption

  • building emergency treatment centers
  • food, water and shelter provided
  • built temporary houses for the homeless
  • masks/face protection provided
  • goverment helps by replacing their lifestock to have food
  • money provided by the govermentremember
  • these are all secondary effects because they happen because of the primary effect
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