geography extreme weather in the uk


what affects the weather in the uk

  • Weather - the day to day conditons of the atmosphere, for example temperature, rainfall and wind direction
  • Climate - the average weather conditions calculate over 30-years period
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prevailing wind

  • The prevailing direction of winds affecting the UK is from the south west
  • Winds blow from this direction most of the ime
  • travelling over the relatively atantic ocean 
  • this explains the moderated temperatures and high rainfall in the uk
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air masses

  • an air mass is a large body of air that transfers conditions of heat and moisture as it travels from its source area
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Types of air masses

  • arctic maritime air mass - from greenland/arctic sea
  • wet, cold air brings cold showery weather
  • Tropical Maritime mass - from atlantic
  • warm moist air brings cloud, rain and mild air
  • Tropical Continental air mass - from north africa
  • hot, dry air brings hot weather in summer
  • Polar Continental air mass - from central europe
  • very cold conditions in the winter with snow. in the summer air from this direction now classed as tropical continental may introduce hut and sunny weather
  • arctic maritime air mass from arctic
  • wet, cold air brings snow in winter
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what is the difference between weather and climate

weather is the dady to day condtions of the atmosphere wherease climate is the average conditions calculated over a 30 year period

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north atlantic drift

  • a powerful oceancurrent responsible for maintaining warm conditions throughout the uk
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