geography earthquakes compare


georgraphy earthquake comparing

laquilas  richerscale is 6.3 whereas gorka nepal richer scale is 7.3 la quila responses where bad because many where dead and you can see they panick on there faces the resucers sometimes had to stop beause more building and even more people where dying every single minute wich was awful laa quila is a hic whereas a is a lic because la quila is apart off the eu then they get moremoeny from us on the other hand america gave money to gorka nepal too.26 hospital gone just gone in gorka nepal whereas 1 only one hospital was gone in la quila as they had better building and better constructor so not as many building was destroyed during la quila as it is a hic with better income them gorka nepal as it is a lic which doesnt have the same amount of income 3.32 italy nepsl 12.50 so nepal was lunchtime so more people was out of there houses at work and that but in italy most people where likely to still be asleep.301people died in italy whereas or on the other hand 8841 people died in gorka nepal 5.15 billion damaged in gorka whereas 1.1 billion damaged in italy 552.9 aid in italy whereas in gorka there was 274 million from the eu because gorka nepal is not in the eu anymore where as italy is so basically italy get more money because they are still in the eu 19 in gorka nepal where on the mount everest as gorka nepal is in a tourist destination many people where just sight seeing or something like that but because you cannot track or tell theres a earthquake coming you cant do anything about it which that is the bed and horrible thing about it in reality in la quila it happen because the arfican plate was colliding in the eurasion plate and gorka was the collsion of the indo australian and asian plate of the tectonic plates colided that why the earthquake happened

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