Geography DME - Sustainable vs Unsustainable

Social Sustainable Development

  • Directly Improves life, such as better education, health and housing.
  • Promotes equality between different groups.
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Social Unsustainable Development

  • Excludes some people, such as women or an ethnic minority group, increasing inequality.
  • Imposed on people from above, so they have no say in decision-making
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Economic Sustainable Development

  • Increases income for many people long term, so quality of life improves.
  • Proves to be good value for money, benefiting the most people for the least cost.
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Economic Unsustainable Development

  • Leads to debt, which future generations will have to pay back
  • Onlyt makes a small number of people wealthy and increases inequality
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Environmental Sustainable Development

  • Helps conserve biodiversity, e.g. selective logging rather than large-scale deforestation.
  • Uses non-polluting and renewable resources.
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Environmental Unsustainable Development

  • Wastes finite natural resources, e.g. fossil fuels, which are then not available in the future.
  • Causes pollution, e.g. industry polluting the air and water, future generations will have to clean up.
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