Geog Unit 2: Case Studies

Unit 2 Case Studies

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Resource Theories

Malthus believed that:

  • Population grew exponentially (Doubling at each stage, 1,2,4,8,16...)
  • Food production grew arithmetically (Adding on one unit at each stage, 1,2,3,4,5...)

This means that population will outgrow the food resources. When this happens, people would begin to die of starvation and the population would decrease this way. These were called 'Natural Checks', and included war, disesase and food (as above)

This meant that if population grew too large, 'natural checks' would fix it by moving it back to manageable levels, where it would regrow and repeat.

Boserup believed that:

  • People would try to not give in to disease or famine, but would instead invent solutions!
  • Population controls the food production. 'Agricultural Intensification' was the term she used and explained how farmers could grow more from the same piece of land as they used better farming techniques and chemical fertilisers etc
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