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Location: South-west asia, On the coast of the persian gulf.
One of the fastest economical growths in the world.
•Worlds largest port,tower,hotel, shopping mall, amusement park and ski resort.
•Vast multiculturalism and variety of businesses and services.

•Asian workers equal 60% of the population.
•7 out of 8 residents are not citizens.
•Over 150 different nationalities live and work in Dubai.

- Sheik and elected elite govern all businesses in dubai.

- Unrestrained developments means dubai is expanding rapidly.

- Global Business hub.

- Large illegal developments and exploitation of workers.

- Discrimination of rural citizens.

- Massive drugs, crime, prostitution network , class and social divides.

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Location: East Asia, Member of ASEAN, on the coast of the pacific.

  • 40% of population live in cities
  • 37 million hand workforce
  • Growth of 700m2 since 1985
  • Invested 21 billion in clean energy between 2005 to 2009
  • Divided into rural and urban areas heavily
  • Overcrowding and congestion
  • Pollution from cars and industry
  • Uses 50% steel and cement
  • Crime and Sweatshops
  • Loss of Rural Land
  • Drugs, Crime and Prostitution
  • Visual pollution
  • Chong ging
  • Upstream of 3 gorges dam
  • Green technology and State intervation have turned it into a megacity
  • Growth creates new housing, cheap produce and the need to combat crime
  • Large mafia influence, Rural discrimination.
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