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Rural to Urben migration

Rio de Jeneiro 

South West Brazil 

  • naturally high population 
  • people move from rural areas hoping to get good jobs in the city 
  • because of high population - competition for jobs 
  • end up  becoming a squatter 
  • Steep mountains results is limited space for development 
  • rapid population results in 
    • poor education 
    • poor public transport 
    • poor health care 
  • favel ROSINHA 
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  • Have self help system 
    • residents get more skills 
    • have garbage and disposal schemes 
    • keep area relatively clean 
  • Is a crime area 
  • over crowded 
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Youthful Population


West Africa 

  • Poorest population in the world 
  • Smallest country in West Africa
  • Infant mortality is high 
  • Birth Rate is high 
    • men can have more then 1 wives (polygamy) 
    • need family to work the land 
    • feel the need to replace children 
  • 1 / 10 children die before 10 
  • Poor education 
  • Poverty - under developed 
  • High unemployment + bad wages 
  • Contrecptive pill avalible + free condoms 
  • Raising awarness + education about pregnancy (GFPA)
  • Vacination is now free 
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Aging Population

Deven, UK

South West England 

  • Sunny area of UK 
  • Entertainment is limited because of the type of entertainment old people attract 
  • Many medical benefits 
    • hospitals 
    • wheel chair access to majority of buildings 
    • pensions 
  • Not enough young people - for working and employment 
  • Elderly spend a lot from pensions which is an advantage to economy 
  • Care help lines 
  • Very good security 
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Sustainable Tourism


South West India 

  • 1200 small coral islands 
  • Scuba and skim diving problems 
  • expensive accommodation 
  • sewage plants are full to capacity
  • traffic congestion 
  • money goes to rich (unfair)
  • income mainly from fishing and tourism 
  • skimpy outfits offends locals 
  • 1 resort per island 
  • 80 / 1200 islands have resorts 
  • 1979 law was passed that accommodations cant be built if the island is already inhabited 
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  • resorts must employ locals workers either indians or bangladeshy 
  • islands which arnt inhabitabed can be visited in order not to offend locals 
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North East UK

  • Polish migrant to UK (Peterborough)
  • 2 million people have left Poland 
  • Move for better job opportunities
  • To earn more money and send home (remittance) 
  • Polish work harder then locals 
  • Polish work for less money 
  • Gives Polish skills 
  • Women in Poland have more job opportunities 
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Sustainable tourism


  • Biggest of the Balealric islands 
  • Formaly farming area 
  • Losing culture and turning into party island 
  • People want 
  • 11 million people on high peak season 
  • Knocking down old building to make grassy areas 
  • Calvia 21 
    • Plan for future 
    • Make most of tradition heritage 
    • restrict amount of tourists 
    • eco tax tourist 
  • farms sell to tourists 
  • agrotourism 
  • promote off peak holidays 
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Desertification case study


South Sahara desert Africa 

  • Semi- arid area (200 -500 mm of annual rainfall)
  • Periods of rainfall and drought 
  • Small bushes and wind battered trees 
    • don't provide shade 
    • reasoures rapidly decreasing 
    • deforestation 
    • soil erosion - top soil blown away 
    • soil not held down by roots 
    • more cattle grazing 
    • increase in population 
  • People crippled by poverty 
  • rely on natural resources 
  • 2 / 3 people live in sub Sahara desert 
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Laura Shephard-Andrews


you have spelt urban wrong just to let you know. It is spelt URBAN. But apart from that they are very good well done. 



you have spelt 'deven' wrong, its DEVON  but yeaa apart from that they're reallly good:)

Edward Pinches


*favela not favel again still really good :)

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