genetics terminology

key words for genetics

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gene: lengh of DNA that codes for the production of one or more polypeptides or codes for the production of rRNA or tRNA

allele: a varient form of a particular gene

genotype: alleles present in an individual or cell

genome: total amount of genes in an orgnaism

phenotype: expression of the alleles of the phenotype giving the individuals observable traits

homozygote: geneotype in which the two alleles of the gene are identical (eg AA)

heterozygote: geneope in which the two alleles of a gene are different (eg Aa)

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dominant allele: has the same effect on the phenotype when it is heterozygous or homozygous

recessive allele: affects the phenotype only when it is homozygous

co-dominant alleles:both affect the phenotype in a heterozygous organism

multiple alleles: most genes have more than one allele

locus: the position of a gene on its chromosome

epistasis:the interaction of different gene loci so one gene locus masks the expression of another

population: a group of individuals of the same species that can interbreed

gene pool: set of genetic information carried by the population

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