General information RE: genetics & environment.

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*As we consider ourselves to have free will, we do not consider any influencing factors.

*We tend to make moral decisions based on what makes sense to us.

*This doesn't mean that our decisions aren't influenced though.

*There may be some deterministic factors; environment, genetics and past experiences/memories may influence us.

*We may not be completely determined by these, just influenced. 

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Kay Phillips

*Evidence from a long term study of twins by Kay Phillips suggests that genes influence human behaviour.

"Genes influence, not dictate behaviour. Behaviour is also influenced by environment, and by free will. Genetics do not take away free will."

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Leob & Leopold

*The two man planned the 'perfect murder' which, ironically, went wrong.

*Their lawyer pleaded for the death sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment. 

*He cited upbringing, ancestry, wealthy environment and a study of Nietzsche as influencing factors.

"We has this boy to do with it?
He did not make himself, and yet he is compelled to pay" - Darrow 

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