Genetic testing


What is the genetic test for CF?

CF is tested using a sweat test as sweat contains water and salts which can be used to test for CF as the sweat of a person with CF contains more sodium chloride than usual.

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Pros for genetic testing

However, some people argue that employers might be able to use the results of genetic tests to make sure that they don't expose their employees to anything that might be especially dangerous to them because of the genes they have. 

Other members of the family can get tested if the result is positive catching a problem early.

Some people may prefer not to know but is that fair on future partners or children they may have?

•Early identification of treatable possible treatment for genetic disorder if parents should decide to have a child

•People can make informed decisions

• PIGD reduces the chance of having a baby with genetic disorder

•PIGD avoids the issue of abortion because only the embryo’s without genetic disorders are implanted. 

•Utilitarianism – maximising the amount of good in the world some people might argue that it would be in the best interest of the foetus to abort as they will not be able to live a “normal life”.

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Ethical concerns of Genetic testing

If the results become available to others, this might cause  discrimination. Employers might not want to give a job to someone who is likely to get ill. 

If conformed that a person is a carrier could cause emotional stress.

The tests aren’t always 100% accurate could decision based on incorrect information. 

Other abnormalities may be found and could cause further stress.

PIGD can be used to find out other characteristic e.g. Gender, eye colour) leading to concern that in the future embryo’s will selected for other characteristics (designer babies).Prenatal testing increases risk of miscarriage compared to PIGD.

Prenatal testing raises abortion issues if there is confirmation of a genetic disorder.

Some people consider it unethical to abort because of religious reasons and human right.

Utilitarianism – maximising the amount of good in the world some people might argue that killing is not right and everyone should have a right to life .

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