Genetic Engineering

AS Level Revision, Genetic Engineering, Philosophy & Ethics/Religious Studies

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Genetic Engineering

  • Genetic Engineering: the alteration of genetic code by artificial means.
  • Topics include: genetic modification of crops, human cloning, etc.
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Human Cloning

  • Human Cloning: the creation of an embryo using the genetic material from another human being so that it is an identical copy.
  • The technology can help couples who cannot conceive.
  • Therapeutic Cloning can help to cure inherited genetic disorders, such as Parkinson's disease.
  • Some argue that full human rights status is given from conception and the embryo is sacred (created by God, with a destiny given by God and in God's image) and so the removal of an embryo's nucleus is the destruction of a unique being.
  • Some argue that cloning is acceptable only for embryo research and cloned beings should not be allowed to develop.
  • There are a number of consequential benefits, such as giving children to childless couples and the curing of degenerative diseases.
  • However, the is a possibility of psychological and emotional damage for cloned beings.
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Embryo Research

  • Embryo experimentation has the potential of finding cures for serious illnesses by using tissue or cells from embryos.
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