General Studies Key Terms

Some terms that it would be useful to know for the general studies AS exam.

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Key Terms

Immoral- opposed to morality, the wrong thing to think or do

Fundamental rights- the basic rights to which all citizens are entitled

Nuclear- family structure consisting of parents and dependent children

Parole- early release of prisoners on the promise of continued good behaviour

Leonardo da Vinci- renaissance architect, anatomist, sculptor, painter

Democracy- rule by the people

Stem cells- found in embryos, have the capacity to differentiate into other cells

Genetic modification- deliberate modification of chromsomal DNA

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Key Terms

Miranet- Slender turret linked to a mosque, used to call muslims to prayer

United Nations- established in 1945 by 51 countries committed to preserving peace through cooperation

Censorship- The process of imposing limits on what can be printed or broadcast

Welfare state- landmark social welfare reform introduced by the government at the end of WWII

Opera- an example of high culture

Hydroelectric- the production of electricity by the use of flowing water to turn a generator

Justice- the exercise of authority to maintain what is right

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