Gender Dysphoria and Androgyny

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Androgynous Individuals

Bem argued androgyny allowed for better flexibilty than conforming to typical gender roles.

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Explantion for androgynous indivs

masculine/androynous females less likely to conform compared to feminine females.

Feminine/andrigynous females warmer approach towards children.

Males constrained by gender roles.

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Gender Dysphoria

Over exposure to opposite hormones prenataly (genetic abnormality/enviromental exposure).

Can cause androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS).

Can lead to intersex.

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Explantions for gender dysphoria

Zhou et al part of hypothalmus, BSTc, usualy bigger in males.

Male-to-female transexsuals.

95% of 250 intersex females content being raised as females.

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