Gender development - Psychodynamic approach

Freud - Elektra and Oedipus complex :) PSYB1

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Psychosexual male and female.

Freud -

Elektra complex = FEMALE Penis envy, child despises mother as she is incomplete and has made her incomplete too. Child finds out own abilities & creates a penis baby project. It takes time to work feelings out but the child and the mother will recreate the same relationship and carry on as normal. 

Oedipus complex - (Little Hans) MALE - child fears that father will castrate him as he has feelings of desire for his own mother this fear of castration fuels him and the child and father never regain the same relationship. Little Hans, Freud said his dream of a horse with black blinkers and chin hair and fear of horses  related to his fear of his father castrating him as he also had a black beard.

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