GCSE R.E Miracles

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What is a miracle?

A Miracle is: > Something out of the ordinary that breaks the laws of nature.

> A marvelous event which can only be brought about by God.

Christians believe different things about miracles:

Literal Christians: believe that the Bible is the absolute word of God. Therefore the miracles Jesus performed (for example: Jesus calms the storm)

Liberal Christians: believe that the miracle accounts in the bible are likely to be showing something about God but are possibly only seen as miracles because they had little scientific knowledge.

Other Christians (different denominations): believe miracles may have happened in Jesus' time, but they do not happen today- (we have advanced in science in medicine, these replace miracles)

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Arguments against miracles

Four criticisms against Miracles: 

> Explained away as coincidences

> Its pointless- (St. Gennaro's blood liquifies on random dates- pointless miracle)

> Morally- why doesn't everyone get a miracle- is this God being unfair?

> Insufficient Evidence- not enough evidence to prove it happened.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OCKHAMS RAZOR <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     The simplest explanation is most likely always going to be true.

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Examples of miracles

Feeding the 5,000: 
> Jesus was performing miracles to thousands of people, he asked for some food- a boy presented him with 1 loaf and 2 fish. Jesus blessed the food and thanked god, then Jesus continues to pull loaves and fish out of the bag.

Healing the paralysed man:
> a paralysed man was brought to Jesus, Jesus says "friend your sins are forgiven"- the man gets up and runs home

Jesus calms the storm:
> jesus is on a boat with some men when a storm starts, he says "peace wind, still waves" and the storm stops.

Modern Day Miracle- Simon Teece: 
> Man hit over the head and is critically injured- people pray for him and he begins to recover. Man makes a full recovery but has sight problems, people think its a miracle- Doctor argues he would believe it was a miracle if he made a full recovery with no sight problems which he now still has.

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this is some good short notes that i found easy to go over , thanks

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