GCSE R.E Funeral Rites

Funeral Rites

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Why do we have funerals?

Funeral: A service held shortly after a persons death to mark the end of their life. 

Why they are important:

- Show respect for the dead.
- Some believe it is necessary to ensure people go on to afterlife.
- Gives people a chance to mourn.

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Order of events

Last Rites: Priest or minister coming to bedside of dying person to pray. 
- RC - Priest will anoint person with Holy Oil.

1. Body placed in coffin.
2. Body taken to church or chapel, priest reads from Bible.
3. Priest will say a few words about person, designed to support mourners.
4. Taken away from church, eihter burial or cremation.

Flowers - Mark the beauty of the world that the person is about to enter.
Candles: Remind people that Jesus is the 'Ligh of The World'  

Christians DO NOT belive in reincarnation
A person has "one soul and one life to save it in" 

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Burial and Cremation

Burial or cremation? 
Some disagree with crematorium because they felt it meant that the person could not be resurrected on the day of judgement. 
"I believe in the resurrection of the body" - Apostles Creed

Dualism: The body and soul are separate. 
"On Earth it is the physical body, but in Heaven it will be the spiritual body" 

- More prayers are said and coffin is taken away to be cremated. Later ashes are beriud or scattered.

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