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Hilary Lister

- Diagnosed with a degenerative disease, which will slowly limit the use of her body as she becomes older.

- Battled with it for over half her life.

- She wanted to end her pain and suffering, but she started sailing in 2003.

- In 2005 - first ever quadriplegic to sail solo across the English Channel

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Sanctity and Quality of Life

Sanctity of Life: Life is sacred because it is God given

- holy - gift - special - precious - blessing - unique - 

Quality of Life: Considering mental/emotional/physical well - being of someone. 'Measurement of fulfilment'.

- money - individual - family - society - government

What makes a good quality of life?

Level 1: Food, water, shelter

Level 2: Money, other people, education, work

Level 3: Happiness love, aspiration

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The Elderly and Quality of Life

Do the elderly have a good quality of life?


- They can get help and support from care homes etc.

- They can live peacefully without working and get the rest they deserve.

- They can still enjoy things that others do.


- They may have no loved ones left to be with and look after them.

- They may be very ill, affecting their quality of life

- They may not have lived life to the fullest

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Life Support Machines

Death: The total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.

Life support machine: A machine that keeps the functions of thr body working and it is temporary.

Forty year ago if your heart stopped beating you were considered to have died. Now, brain death seems to be the main factor. However, people who are brain dead can be kept 'alive' on a life support machine.

Tony Bland and the decision to turn of his life support machine

- He had a poor quality of life.

- He could not do what he wanted to do.

- He would never be the same again.

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Christian Teachings & Beliefs >> the Elderly & Dea

' Do not kill. ' - The Ten Commandments

' The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. '

' Humans are created in the image and likeness of God. '

' Listen to your father who gave you life and do not hate your mother when she is old. '

' Though I walk through the valley of death Thou art with me. '

Jesus is a Christian role model. He never killed or harmed, he always healed. He knows that it is life to suffer and have proved the you shouldn't fear dying.

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Islam Teachings & Beliefs >> The Elderly & Death

' Your lord orders that you are kind to your parents. '

' He who kills himself with a sword or posion throws himself off a mountain will be tormented on the Day of Judgement. ' 

' May his nose be rubbed in dust if his parent apporoach old age and he did not care for them. He will also lose his right to enter Paradise. '

Muslims belive in Al - Qadr (pre - destination) ' No one can die except by Allah's leave. '

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Suicide, Manslaughter, Murder, Euthanasia

Suicide                           Murder                              Euthanasia                           Manslaughter

- Killing someone            - Killing someone                - Persons consent                    - Killing someone

- Consenting                   - No consent                      - Someone else's intent etc.     - No consent

- Intent motive               - Deliberate intent                                                            - No intent

                                                                                                                           - No motive

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Senior Citizens

Problems the elderly face in the 21st century

- Disrespect 

- No money, relying on a state pension

- Loneliness

- Younger generation believing they should be served first

- Gas and electricity cost

- Technology

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Senior Citizens

Today more people are living longer. 100 years ago only one in twenty people were over 65, now that figure is one in 5.

People affected by this:

- Health care - More money

- Working generation - Jobs taken from younger generation, having to work longer BUT more experience in certain industries

- The elderly - Can get lonely

- The elderly's family - Together longer

- Government - More money towards state pension

- Us - Families last longer BUT agesim increase and we will have to look after them

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Senior Citizens - Responsibility

Living with family 

+ Many familys prefer to have an elderl member living with them. (Muslims favour this idea).

+ The elderly are treated in a respectful way. 

- Could be a burden.

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Senior Citizens - Responsibility

Community Options

+ Some elderly can move into sheltered housing - social, adapted for ease, warden to help 

+ Elderly have independence 

+ Residential homes provide security and care. Meals provided etc.

- Poor quality of care

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Life After Death

Although 10% of the population of Britain worship regularly, over 90% have at least some religious element in their funeral.

Why might this be?

- Tradition

- Hope/safer place

- Choice of family or individual

- Fear 

- Safe passage

- Guarentee?

- Closure/grieving

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Christian Attitudes Towards the Afterlife

Judgement day

- End of life

- End of time?

Heaven and Hell

- Eternity with God

- Eternity with Satan

- Purgatory - purified

- Done good?

- Belive in God?


- Body vs Soul

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Hindi Teaching On Life, Death and Birth

Hindus believe in samsara - the reincarnation of the atman (soul), depending on the karma of previous lives. Their goal is to achieve enlightenment and become one with the Ultimate Reality and so stop being reincarnated (moksha).

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Senior Citizens - Responsibility

Care Homes

+ Care provided

+ Meals and activities provided

- Financial burden

- Inheritance/legacy lost

- $34,000 every year

- Cost increase because of food, gas etc.

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Senior Citizens - Responsibility

Living at home

+ Local services may allocate a social worker at a small cost

+ Hot meals can be delivered

+ Family can visit 

- If they have moved for some reason, you could be isolated (only phone, rare visits etc.)

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Daniel James 

- A 23 year old who played for England Rugby as a teenager commited suicide in a swiss euthanasia clinic after having become paralysed from the chest down in a training accident. 

- Daniel James felt as if his body had become a 'prison' and lived in 'fear and loathing' of his daily life.

Daniel James would have felt that his quality of life was poor as he would be constantly restricted - e.g. he cannot walk. However, like hilary lister he could have found joy in other hobbies, altered so that he too could take part.

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