GCSE RE Christian Views on Euthanasia

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Against Euthanasia

Roman Catholic, evangelical and most conservative Christians believe that Euthanasia is WRONG: 

  • against one of the ten commandments 'Do not murder' 
  • only God has power to take away life
  • no person should value themselves as worthless that it would be better to die
  • against the Catechism of Roman Catholic Church
  • if medical experts believe a person is brain dead, and the catholics believe life has ended, then switching off life support machine is not euthanasia
  • Roman Catholic Church allow pain relief, this might shorten a person's life but aim is to relieve pain not to shorten life. doctrine of double effect 
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For Euthanasia

  • small minority of liberal Christians believe are in favour of euthanasia
  • Jesus said love your neighbour as you love yourself, love God
  • if its the most loving thing to do, then you can commit euthanasia  
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