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The Nature of the Christian God

What Christians belive about God

  • Christians are mono-theists they ony believe in one God.
  • they believe that God cannot be described in everyday/ ordinary languae as God is not ordinary.

God is HOLY- meaning special, separate and different.

God is OMNISCIENT- meaning he is all knowing "before i formed you in the womb i knew you"

God is FORGIVING- Parable of the Prodigal Son.

God is JUDEMENTAL- God is our judge- Parable of the sheep and the goats

God is THE HOLY TRINITY- (God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit) God is one being but three persons.

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The Nature of the Christian God

OMNIPOTENCE- all powerful

OMNISCIENT-all knowing


OMNIPRESENT- present all places all times

TRANSENDENT- above all 

IMMANENT- within us all

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Reasons why Christians believe in God (MURDER)

MORAL- We have an understanding of what is right and wrong, and this must come from God. Others say it is just Conscience- but people argue that that is the voice of God. Psychology says we develop a conscience through learning in everyday life.

UNIVERSE- The universe exists. (something cannot come from nothing) This is also known as the COSMOLOGICAL argument- by ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.

REASON- God is the greatest conceivable being- the word GOD itself means this. ONTOLOGICAL argument - ST. ANSELM- "God is that than which nothing greater an exist"

DESIGN- The world is full of such fine detail, it can not have happened by chance. TELEOLOGICAL argument. WILLIAM PALEY 'Watch theory'.

EXPERIENCE- visions, near-death experiences, dreams and miracles that lead someone to believe in God.

REARING- your upbringing is a reason for believing in God- Parents may be religious and therefore so are you. 

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