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Electromagnetic Induction

When a wire is moved through a magnetic field.

Potential difference is induced at the ends of the wires.

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Electromagnetic Induction

You can increase the voltage output by:

  • Increasing the area of the coils
  • Increasing the number of coils
  • Increasing the magnets strength
  • Increase the speed of movement
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Electromagnetic Induction

If you use a stronger magnet:

  • The wire kicks forward

If the magnet is reversed:

  • The wire moves the other way
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Motor Effect

When a current is passed along a wire in a magnetic field, it may experience a force. This force, believe it or not, is called the Motor Effect. Fun, no?

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Motor Effect

The size of the force can be increased by:

  • Increasing the strength of magnetic field
  • Increasing the size of the current

The direction of the force on the wire can be reversed if either the magnetic field or current are REVERSED or DESREVER

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Direct current does not induce ALTERNATING MAGNETIC FIELDS so a seconday voltage won't be produced.

AC is used in transformers



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