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Affects coordination, speech and judgement

Slows down reactions

makes your muscles get tired more quickly

eventually damages your liver, kidneys, heart, muscles, brain and digestive and immune systems

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Causes nose, throat and chest irritations

Makes you short of breath

Causes changes to cardiovasuclar and rispiratory system- increasing risk of heart disease and lung cancer

Gaseous exchange isn't as effective as limited oxygen intake

Alveoli are less stretchy and therefore less efficient at transferring oxygen and taking out CO2

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Beta Blockers

Control the heart rate

Lower the heart rate, steady shaking hands, calming and relaxing effect

cause: cramp, low blood pressure and heart failure

FOR: darts players, shooters and archers

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Anabolic Steroids

Mimic the male sex hormone- testosterone 

Increases bone and muscle growth- more aggression

but... cause: high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility, cancer, 

women: grow facial hair, voice deepen 

FOR: sprinters

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Increase the amount you urinate- important if you are competing in weight divisions

Can mask traces of other drugs

But.. cause: cramp and dehydration

FOR: boxers and jockeys

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affect the central nervous system 

increase mental and physical alertness.

but... cause: Lead to high blood pressure, heart and liver problems and strokes


FOR: sprinters to get off blocks quickly

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Narcotic Analgesics

Kill pain- so injures and fatigue don't affect performance as much

but...they're addictive, bad withdrawal symptoms, less pain can make an athlete train too hard, constipation, low blood pressure

FOr: long distance runners, cyclists

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Peptide Hormones

cause the production of other hormones- most have similar effects to anabolic steroids

EPO is a peptide hormone that casues red blood cells to multiply which increase aerobic capabilities

but.. cause strokes and abnormal growth

long distance runners, cyclists

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