GCSE Music, Glossary and Index

Areas Of Study - Edexcel Specification

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Addictive Melody - Where you add one note each time a melody is repeated, so it gradually gets longer and longer.

Africain Music - Music from Africa, has a big influence on minimalist music.

Alap - First phase of a Raga. Improvised, doesn't have a beat. Played on the Sitar with just the tambura for accompaniment.

Ambient - Calm, Spacey club dance style.

Aria - Song for a soloist in an opera or oratorio.

Articulation - How the notes are played. Clear and short or long and flowing.

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Balophon - West African xylophone.

Bandish - A song that forms the final phase of a raga. Also known as Gat if its played only on instruments not with voice.

Baroque - Musical style around in Europe from about 1600 to 1750. Strong bass and lots of decoration.

Bass - Hit the center of a drum skin with hand flat.

Bhangra - Modern Bhangra is a fusion of traditional Indian and Pakistani music with Club dance music.

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Call and Response - A short melody followed by an answering phrase. In African music.

Canon - All parts have same/similar tune but come in different times.

Chaal - Eight note rhythm pattern used in Bhangra.

Chaconne - Ground bass style with a repeated chord pattern in the bass.

Chromatic Scale - 12-note scale containing all the notes within an octave.

Classical - Music composed in Europe from about 1750 to 1820.

Clave Rhythm - the basic rhythm of a piece of son or salsa music around which the rest of the music has to fit.

Club Dance Music - Electronically produced music. Played in clubs since the mid 1980s

Conserto -In three movements. Piece for an orchestra with a soloist.

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Da capo aria - Boroque arie in ternary form.

Decorative Notes - Notes added to the tune to make it sound more complexed.

Dhol - Drum used in traditional Bhangra.

Digital Effects - Electronic effects used in club dance style.

Djembe - Single headed African drum, played with the hands.

Dominant key - Starting on the fifth note of the scale your already in.

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