Gcse maths: Types of numbers

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Definition of an integer: an integer is another name for a whole number - either a positive or negative number, or zero

Things that aren't integers are things like: decimals, fractions, square roots mixed numbers and pie.

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Rational and irrational numbers

Definition of a rational number: A rational number is a number that can be written as a fraction.

Rational numbers come in three different forms: integers, fractions and terminating or recurring decimals.

Definition of an irrational number: An irrational number is one that can not be written as a fraction.

Irrational things: never ending, non repeating decimals. Square roots of positive integers are either irrational or integers. pie is also irrational.

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Squares and cubes

Definition of a square: a square is a number times by itself.

Definition of a cube: a cube is a number times by itself three times.

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Prime numbers

Definition of a prime number: A prime number is a number which doesn't divide by anything other than itself and 1.

1 is not a prime number.

What all prime numbers end in: Apart from 2 and 5 all prime numbers end in 1,3, 7 and 9.

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