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Data Handling and Info

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Frequency Density

Frequency Density :

Frequency/Class Width


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cumalitive Frequency:

Adding the frequency up as you go along.


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Quartiles and Ranges

Upper Quartile : 3/4 of the way

Median : Half

Lower Quartile : 1/4 of the Way

Interquartile range : The Range from upper to lower

Range: The Range from Highest to Lowest.

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Scatter Graph Correlations: 

Positive Correlations: bottom left to top right

Negative correlations: top left to bottom right

No Correlations: No linear available.( correlation is here

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The range is Upper Extreme minus Lower and interquartile is Upper minus lower quartile.  

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This is quite useful, thanks! 



Thanks for this. It is useful quite useful but one thing I wasn't particularly impressed with was when I clicked on the link to 'Download as MP3' I didn't realise that there was a box at the top of the page informing me that a link had been sent to my email so I continued to click it until I received numerous emails from you. I'd like to suggest that you make that box more prominent, use a bright font colour or something. 

Apart from that, a fantastic website! :)

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