GCSE Information Comunication Technology.

GCSE ICT Revision.

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Networks - Star - Advantages

Star Network.


Most Reliable

Very few data collisions

Good Security - No workstations Can interact With Eachother

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Networks - Star - Disadvantages

Star Network.


Most expensive network layout to install

Needs expert to set it up

Extra hardware needed e.g. Internet hubs

If server crashes no one can access it

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Networks - Ring - Advantages

Ring Network


Transmission of data is fairly smple and travels in one direction

No data collisions

Extra computers can be added easily

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Networks - Ring - Disadvantages

Ring Network


If a single computer is swiched off network doesnt work

If network cable breaks then network wont work

Data must pass through every computer

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Networks - Bus - Advanatges

Bus Network


Easy to install

Easy to add work stations

Best choice for temporary network

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Networks - Bus - Disadvantages

Bus Network


If there is a problem with central cable, entire network will go down and become in accessible

Data collisions happen as network becomes bigger

Number of workstations = Slow data travel

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Parts Of A Computer - Memory -

ROM (Read Only Memory)

Holds data changed by user

Holds instructions needed to start up the computer

Non - Volatile :- Data will not be lost when computer is switched off

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Holds data as you work

Volatile :- When computer is switched off data is permanantly lost

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Parts Of A Computer - CPU -

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

1) - Control unit - Controls instructions from inputs and outputs

2) - Immediate access store - Controlling data in and out of storage

3) - Arithmetic and Logic unit (ALU) - Preforms calculations and makes decisions

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Networks - Network V Standalone - Advanatges

Networked Computer


Can share files

Can access all H/W from all PC's

Can install all S/W centrally

Log on to PC's to acess all files

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Networks - Network V Standalone - Dosadvantages

Networked Computer


More at risk from viruses

Security methods needed for protection methods e.g Anti Virus Software, Anti Malware

Admin - E.g. Logon, Password

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Networks - Network V Standalone - Advantages

Standalone Computers


Safe from viruses

Cheaper - No Servers Needed

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Networks - Network V Standalone - Disadvantages

Standalone Computers


Can only access file saved on that particular computer

Has to have its on device

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Cache -


Cache is tmporary memory used to store internal pages etc. Quicker than RAM - Volatile

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Types Of Computer -

Types Of Computer -

- Super Computer

- Mainframe

- Personal Computer

- PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

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Networks - Hardware - Software -

Hardware -

Ethernet cable

Personal Computer

Internet hub Server

Network Interface Card

Software -

Network Managment Software

Print Server

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

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Legislation -

Data Protection Act

Personal details help by companies, schools etc...

Health And Safety

Employers must provide a safe environment

- Ergonimic keyboard

- Anti - Glare screens

- Adjustble Chair

Computer Misuse Act

Hacking - Accessing computers without permission with intent to corrupt or destroy files

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Ecommerce - Company - Advanatges


Ecommerce - Company - Advanatges

Wider customer based

More money income (Increased Profit)

Saving Money - Dont have branches - less employment

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Ecommerce - Company - Disadvantages

Ecommerce - Company - Disadvantages

Cost of Website

Extra computers needed

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Ecommerce - Customer - Advantages

Ecommerce - Customer - Advantages

Dont need to go out shopping - Saves on Petrol

Easy use for disabled customer/elderly customer

Travel Costs

Goods deliverd to door

Customer reviews

Can order 24/7

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Ecommerce - Customer - Disadvantages

Ecommerce - Customer - Disadvantages

The item may not be as described

Damaged goods in transit

Cant test product

May not be available for home delivery

Delivery costs involved

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Peripheral Devises - Inputs

Peripheral Devises - Inputs

Digital Camera

Laser Scanner

Touch Sensitive screen



PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

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Peripheral Devises - Outputs

Peripheral Devises - Outputs



Mobile phones

VDU (Visual Display Unit)

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Program Types

Application Software

Word Processing, DTP (Desk Top Publishing) Graphics Editing

Utility Software

Anti - Virsus Software, Firewall Software, Defra, CCleaner

Operating Software

Windows, MAC OS, Linux

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Processing Types

batch Processing -

All records processed at once - Usually at night

Minimal human intervention needed

Real Time Processing

Done immediatly

Time dependance e.g Air Traffic Control

Transaction Procesing

Updates following individual requests e.g. Airline, Sea Bookings

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Control Types









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Data Logging

Recording and Storing data

How often are you going to take reading

How long you are going to do it for

Computer Control

Controlling an object using a computer

Advantages :-

Can operate 24 hours a day without taking a break

Will repeat actions over and over again

Can make relieable and acurate decisions

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Computer Control - Advanatges / Disadvanatges

Advantages :-

Can operate 24 hours a day without taking a break

Will repeat actions over and over again

Can make relieable and acurate decisions


Software used for control is speacialist and is overally expensive

If computer malfunctions system wont work

Computer cant react to unexpected events - like a human could - Only will respond how it is programmed to

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Mechanical device - which carries out accurate decisions made by control system e.g. Opening and Operating vents

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CAD/CAM - Advantages


Software is easy to change or adjust parts of the design

Different stages or versions of a design can be stored and accessed at any time

Copies of design can b produced using a plotter

Future tesing - Testing 2 things fit before object is create

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CAD/CAM - Disadvantages


You need a lot of processing power to operate and run a CAD package

You need a hight quiality moniter to be able to see detail clearly

CAD Packages are Expensive

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