Topic 13 notes.

Creating a website: What should be considered?

  • House style
  • Audience
  • Techniques used
  • Size
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List 5 interactive features of websoftware

  • Online forms
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Blogs
  • Questionnaires
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What are the two types of websoftware?

  • Browser software – used to search for and view websites.  IE, Firefox, Safari etc 
  • Web development software – used to create webpages/websites. Dreamweaver, Flash etc 
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List three features of web browser software:

  • Can access a webpage using a URL.
  • Can perform key word searches.
  • Can follow links.
  • Can use a series of menus on websites
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List 3 ways in how navigation of a site can be car

  • Hyperlinks  
  • Hotspots 
  • Rollover buttons 
  • Back and Forward 
  • Bookmarks/Favourites 
  • Anchor links 
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List 5 types of navigation bar:

  • Back 
  • Forward 
  • Refresh 
  • Home  
  • Stop 
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What is a web server?

A web server is a computer that contains the information that users of the Internet can access using their web browser.  A webserver needs to be permanently connected to the Internet so that all users are able to access the information.  Web servers for ISPs contain many websites. 

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Upload times will depend on:

  • The resolution of images used on the site 
  • If there any animations or videos  
  • The number of webpages 
  • Complexity of the design 
  • The amount of content on the webpage 
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What are the advantages of webpages?

  • Makes the information available to a huge number of people 
  • If you have Internet access you can get the information 
  • Uses multimedia to make the information more interesting
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What are the disadvantages of a webpages?

  • Some features can take time to load annoying users 
  • Not everyone has Internet access 
  • Broadband is required to get the full potential of websites
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