GCSE History - Wall Street Crash

Causes & Consequences of the Wall Street Crash

AQA GCSE Modern World History

Paper 2 - Depth Studies - the USA in the period 1929-1941

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Why was there a boom in the 1920's?

  • Natural Resources - provided the materials the growing industries required
  • First World War - gave American industries a flying start at the beginning of the 1920s
  • New Technology - Made new industries possible & helped to modernise old industries
  • Confidence - created the right frame of mind in which developments could take place
  • Credit - meant people could buy products even if they didnt have enough money
  • Mass-Marketing - Encouraged people to buy many more products
  • Mass-production - meant more people could afford to buy cars and other goods
  • Policies of Republican presidents - gave businesses the chance to expand without government restrictions
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Presidents of the 1920's - Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

  • A Democrat
  • President from 1913-1921, through the Great War
  • Set up the League of Nations
  • Wanted peace
  • Had a stroke halfway through a tour promoting the League of Nations
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Presidents of the 1920's - Harding

Warren G. Harding

  • A Republican
  • A weak politician, he gave important jobs to his friends
  • A fake, he and his friends (The Ohio Gang) stole 100s of millions from the government
  • Had friends who covered up the scandals
  • Died of a stroke in 1923, as a popular president

"Back to Normalcy"

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Presidents of the 1920's - Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge

  • Mean and dull, but fair. He imprisoned the Ohio Gang
  • Made America rich
  • A Republican
  • He was lazy
  • Believed the government shouldn't interfere with peoples lives

"The Business of America is Business"

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Presidents of the 1920's - Hoover

Herbert Hoover

  • Another Republican who believed in Rugged Individualism
  • Became rich through his own efforts & thought everyone should
  • Was President through an economic depression
  • Over 12,000,000 Americans lived in poverty
  • Rugged Individualism didn't work when there were no jobs

You'll need to know about ALL these presidents for your exam. Notice the repetition of the letters in their names (alliteration if you want to be fancy)! This should help you learn them.

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