GCSE History: Internation Relations (Cold War)

Few cards about key dates/events during the Cold War and the Effects on Relations between the USSR and USA. Ranges from 1943 to 1991

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Tehran Conference, Iran 1943 1/3

  • Attended by Churchill (UK), Roosevelt (USA) and Stalin (Russia)
  • During WW2, so mainly about battle tactics etc.
  • Agreements:
    • GB and USA agreed to open up 2nd Front
    • USSR was to invade Japan after defeating Japan
    • An area of E. Poland was to become Soviet property.
  • Disagreements:
    • WHEN they should invade Poland. Stalin believed that the UK and USA were waiting for the USSR to be severly damaged before opening 2nd Front. 
    • Churchill was supsicious of Stalin. Thought USSR troops would stay in liberated countries.
    • Polish border - Stalin wanted some of Poland
  • Effects on Relations between USA and USSR:
    • Worsens relations as the disagreements increased distrust and suspicion between the countries.
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Yalta Conference, Russia January 1945. 2/3

  • Attended by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.
  • Just before end of war, and Allies knew they were going to win.
  • Met to discuss what to do with Germany after war.


  • Division of Germany into 4 sectors (USA, French, USSR and British)
  • To divide Berlin in same way.
  • Liberated countries under Soviet protection and have free elections
  • USSR would fight Japan


  • How much USSR got in reparations. Stalin wanted a larger amount as Russia had lost the most. 
  • Poland - Stalin wanted Polish borders to be moved West.
  • "Soviet-friendly" Polish government.

Effect on Relations: Worsened. USA and UK felt Stalin wanted control of Poland.

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