GCSE Geography - Urbanisation: The problems with urban areas

Revision cards on the problems associated with urban areas and the soloutions that can be put in place to solve them.

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What are the problems associated with traffic in u

They are:

  • congested roads
  • increased amount of accidents
  • CO2 pollution
  • slow traffic (poeople late for improtant events)
  • noise pollution (negative effects on the environment)
  • health risks (can lead to asthma)
  • visual pollution (smog)
  • constant maintenance needed (roads always in use)
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What are the solutions to these traffic problems?

They are: (example used is Halesowen)

  • one way system near Queensway Island
  • bus station system (more people now use the buses)
  • large ASDA carpark (multistorey)
  • car share bays (only allowed to park in them if you bring another member of staff to work)
  • bike lanes by Queensway (people use bikes more as it is now safer to ride in that area)
  • M6 toll road (aims to alleviate congestion problems)
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