GCSE Geography Unit 2 Population-Migration

These are some cards for the unit 2 geography exam. They are for the population section and are all about migration.

Hope they are some help to you :)

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What are the types of migration?

Immigration-when people move into an area.

Emigration-when people leave an area.

International migration-when people move to a new country.

Internal migration-when people move to a new region within a country.

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Types of Migrant

There are two types of migrant:

Economic Migrants-people who move voluntarily from a poor area to a rich area to get a job or a better standard of living.

Refugees-people who have been forced to leave their country because of natural disasters, war etc.

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Why do people migrate?

All the reasons for someone migrating can be categorised into push or pull factors.

A push factor is something negative about someone's place of origin which will then make them want to leave e.g. war, unemployment and famine.

A pull factor is a positive factor about someone's destination that attracts them there e.g. jobs, schools or houses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Impacts of migration on the country of origin.

Impacts of migration on the country of origin


  • there is less demand on service providers like schools and the emergency services.
  • money is sent back to the country by the migrant workers, so the economy is boosted.
  • women find it easier to get jobs as there are less men.


  • there is a shortage of skilled workers like doctors.
  • there is an ageing population
  • there is a reduced labour force so many projects go unfinishe
  • a gender imbalance develops as mainly males leave the country, so the population will decline.
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Impacts of migration on the destination country.

Impacts of migration on the destination country


  • there is an increased labour force and more menial jobs are done, so the economy is helped.
  • the migrant workers pay taxes which help to improve services.
  • people can experience new cultures so become more tolerant.


  • there could be an increase in tension as locals and immigrants compete for jobs.
  • increased demand for services and they are comprimised because of language barriers etc.
  • money earnt by immigrants is sent home, it's not spent in the destination so the economy isn't helped.
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