GCSE Geography- Types of Weathering

What is physical, chemical and biological weathering?

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Biological weathering- This a trype of weathering consists of actions of plants and animals in the land. Seeds can fall into the cracks of the rocks and they will grow whenever there is moisture present. Burrowing animals such as rabbits also take part in further breakup of rocks.

Chemcal weathering- Rainwater contains some weak acids. The carbonates in some rocks such as limestone react with the weak acids in the rainwater, causing the rocks to break up or disintegrated. 

Physical weathering- This type of weathering is most common in highland areas, where the tempersture at night is below zero and the temperature at day is above zero.Freeze- thaw is an example of physical weathering. That is where the water gets in to the cracks of the rock and goes to be turned into ice at night in sub zero temperature. Then at day, the ice exapands. putting pressure on the rocks, causing the rocks to fall apart. 

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Types of erosion

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