GCSE geography Dudley - changes in shopping

Settlements case study about Merry Hill and Dudley

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The location


  • Dudley is in the west Midlands.
  • It is located to the west of Birmingham.
  • Merry Hill: Cheerful, large space, Safe and dry.
  • Dudley: High Street, Outside.

Why did Merry Hill locate there?

  • Large space
  • Cheap land
  • Lots of area for parking
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Advantages of Merry Hill

Why are the advantages of Merry Hill?


·        Customers

o   Lots of Shops and Facilities

o   Dry and Pleasant environment

o   25 Million Customers a year

o   Easy access for families and disabled

·        Business

o   Very wide range of shops available

·        Workers

o   Lots of Jobs created: 4,000+

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How has it affected Dudley?

How has it affected Dudley?


  • Shops
    • Used to be very busy
    • Most shops now gone, especially big shops (eg. M&S)
    • Now full of cheaper shops (eg. Pound Land)
  • Jobs
    • Lots of redundancies (eg. Fruit Stand – 6 > 2 Workers)
  • Customers
    • Lost customers as they are at Merry Hill
    • Less money in Dudley to attract shoppers
    • Less money and less transport/ mobility
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