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Restless Earth

  • To the inner core of the Earth it is 6370 km.
  • There are two types of crust : 1.Continental crust forms the land which is mainly made of granite, which is a low density ignious rock. The continental crust is 30-35 km thick. 2. Under the oceans is the oceanic crust - usually 6-8 km thick. Its quite dense and made up of an igneous rock called basalt.
  • The asthenosphere is the top layer of the mantle.
  • The lithosphere is the uppermost layer of the Earth.
  • the Earths lithosphere is split into 15 large techtonic plates and over 20 small ones.
  • The plates move slowly on the assthenosphere.
  • Plate boundaries are where the 'action' is. Most earthquakes and volcanos are found on plate boundaries.
  • constructive plate boundaries - fromed when two plates move apart.
  • Destructive plate boundaries - formed when two plates collide.
  • Conservation plate boundaries- formed when two plates slide past each other.
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