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Techniques to use in different types of writing

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Writing To Inform

  • Clear Intro
  • Interesting/imaginative detail
  • Sequenced/logical organisation
  • Specialist Lexis
  • Range of effective discourse markers
  • Lots of facts
  • Unbiased info
  • Present tense
  • Decleratives
  • Imperatives
  • Pronouns (you, your)
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Writing To Explain

  • Range of responses to why
  • Range of responses to how
  • Detailed reasons
  • Effective discourse markers
  • Sequenced logically
  • Reflection in conclusion
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Writing To Advise

  • Interesting/imaginative detail
  • Sequenced/logical organisation
  • Present tense
  • Imperatives
  • Decleratives
  • Pronouns (you, your)
  • Modal verbs; you, should, might, may, could, would...
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Writing To Advise

  • Range of descriptive techniques
  • Interesting adjectives, verbs ect
  • Use detail and images
  • First or third person
  • Appeal to senses
  • Vary sentences for effect
  • Dont get carried away with the story, ensure that you're consistentley SHOWING and not telling
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Writing To Persuade

  • Confident/assured/formal tone
  • Use a range of persuasive techniques such as;
  • alliteration
  • adjectives
  • facts
  • statistics
  • opinions
  • repetition
  • quotations
  • rhetorical questions
  • exaggeration/hyperbole

(for more examples see GCSE English Language- Persuasive Techniques)

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its very usefull i've got an exam tomorrow n i hope i do well



i've got the same exam, i hope this helps!

Benjamin Smith


ive got the exam thursdy next week and this has seriously helped thankyou :)

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I have the exam next friday and this just saved me a ton of time Thank you :D

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