GCSE Drama Written Paper - Section B

GCSE Drama Written Paper - Section B

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Section B Questions

In this section, you must refer to a scripted play. 

Question 5 and 7 = Describe + Explain 

Question 6 and 8 = Analyse + Evaluate 

Do not repeat acting skills or scenes or moments across questions. 

Read all questions available in Section B before deciding which 2 to answer. 

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Section B Questions (cont.)

Understanding of a role in terms of: 

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Status 
  • Relationships 

Interpretation of the role: 

  • Development of acting skills: voice/movement/facial expression etc. 
  • Blocking and movement 
  • Intentions for audience
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Section B Questions (cont.)

Distinguish between playwrights intentions and group's interpretation! 

Refer to: 

  • Communication of play's message 
  • Interpretation of character 
  • Creation of mood/atmosphere 
  • Creation of period/location 
  • Performance style 
  • Performance skills - physical/vocal/facial expressions 

Refer to particular moments: 

  • Application of voice/physical/facial expression 
  • Use of space 
  • Use of props/costumes
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